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[Pure Doom 2] Trying to use Keen+Crusher+Barrel+Door combo as a timer

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It works for the most part, allowing me to create the following thing:


You can also watch Austinado play it here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2107200

As you can see, it works for the most part, except right now the time to open the final door is fixed on the same crusher as the one that detonates barrels and kills voodoo doll. This results in an awkward pause near the end where player needs to wait about 30 out, being anxious about impended death.


So what I have is:

1 "floor raises to lower ceiling and crushes" action - player is forced to trigger it to escape the pit and

3 "Close door" actions

A door with tag 666 that opens when Commanded Keen gets blown up with a barrel. It does now work if Commanded Keen is crushed instead.


I was able to put a barrel on the edge of two sectors and press it from above with a door, but it doesn't always work and it doesn't always kill Keen. Any ideas on how to solve it?

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Don't know exactly what you're trying to do as you didn't give a time within the video, but I'm using monster lanes for timed doors in vanilla.


There's one linedef type for tagged doors that monsters can use, type 4. The only thing is that the door will autoclose. What I've done when I needed it to stay open is add a hidden sector next to the door with a ridiculously high ceiling so the door will only shut again long after the player has left the area. Since it sounds like you're doing a timed escape scenario this might not be a problem. In the pic below, the imps are woken up via the small triangle sector at the bottom which is merged with another part of the map, they then walk up the lane and trigger the doors via the short purple lines. At the end is a big old teleportation line which dumps them in a room the player hasn't visited yet.



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