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Weapon Quick Switching Questions

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I have a few (likely stupid) questions regarding this technique. FWIW, I play on PS4, and would typically setup my quick-switching pair before heading into an arena.


1. It’s mainly just switching between the primarily fire of the SSG, Ballista, and maybe Rocket Launcher right?


2. Do you only really use the Rocket Launcher with this if you haven’t gotten the Ballista yet, or if you’re low on ammo on one of the other guns? From what I understand the Rocket Launcher does less DPS than the other two and is also more dangerous to you.


3. Before acquiring the SSG and the Rocket Launcher, are there any weapons worth doing this with, or do you pretty much have to tough it out until you get both of them?


4. Do you only use this against Heavies/Super Heavies (Hell Knights, Arachnotrons, Mancubi, Tyrants, Marauder, etc)?


5. Are there times that other weapons would be better (ie, Mobile Turret or locked-on Rockets) against the Heavies/Super Heavies?


Sorry for the dumb questions. This technique still feels very foreign to me on pad, and it’ll help me to know when/how I should be using it. Thanks in advance.

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