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How to make textures for doom?

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I have pixel-arting skill, but i utilize instruments such as blur and noise that may lead to creating of colours outside of Doom pallete. Is this a problem? 
And what else should i know before creating textures? 

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Yeah, probably you should try to stick to the color palette if you want it to be used by anyone.


I'm no artist, but I guess the best thing you can do is look at the textures that are already there and try to make something that fits. That's part of the reason for keeping inside the palette.

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To elaborate on texture sizes, in vanilla wall textures need to be 128 pixels tall (unless they're not meant to tile vertically, then they can be shorter) and their width has to be a power of 2. Floor and ceiling flats are all 64x64 in size. Some source ports have less size restrictions, but this is a good baseline and it makes alignment easier.


The textures do have to be palettized (unless you just want to use the textures in a port with a truecolor renderer, like GZDoom), but you can definitely get away with blur and noise (I use that stuff plenty often in my own Doom graphics) as long as the new colors are close enough to the palette to look good after re-palettizing. You can use Slade to automatically convert your truecolor textures to the doom palette (in addition to putting them in a WAD and making them usable) and see if the result looks good. If you're not satisfied, you can tweak your truecolor texture's colors so that it converts better, or tweak the palettized result directly for greater control over the final result, or both.


Basically as long as you're not producing some totally nonexistent hues like cyan, there's no need to limit yourself too much just because the end result requires a limited amount of colors!


I made this title screen graphic in truecolor using plenty of recoloring, gradients and blurring, and it turned out just fine palettized.


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