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Doom RPG Remake

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So I've been thinking about Doom RPG getting a remake, to have a Doom spinoff to explore other parts of the world and lore. What should be changed? Could someone besides Id, but working with them, do it? What should be kept from the original? If you haven't played it, say what you would like from a Doom RPG.

Here's my take:

-Keep the monster variations, the different colors that show you what level they are.

-No Doom Slayer, get another lone marine for the game.

-A smaller team on Id could work on it.

-Making it a real time RPG instead of turn based seems like a natural step to have more varied gameplay to me.

-The game could again start on the UAC and have you close a portal, but perhaps throw you into the portal as it closes and have you explore from there.

-Keep the puzzling passwords.

-I'd say the game could come out on mobile again but I don't trust Bethesda with that after what happened to Commader Keen, so PC-Console seems good.


That's just what I've been thinking, what do you say?

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I think someone on this forum was working on a remake for gzdoom, i don't remember who or what happened to that project though.

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As far as I know that remake is going well, but I don't mean a 1:1 remake like that one is, I mean one that ends up making a completely different game. Perhaps reboot could be more appropriate?

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can you even get DOOM RPG anymore? or is it gone? 

I always wanted to play it, but could never find it.

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