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(SOLVED) GLDEFS unknown tag

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In my GLdefs file in my Wad, after line 305 everything is unknown for some reason. At first it said 'Script error, "mymap.wad:GLDEFS" line 305:
Unknown tag: flickerlight2' so I removed the whole entry for those particular sprites. Then it said 'Script error, "mymap.wad:GLDEFS" line 305:
Unknown tag: object'. I then removed everything after line 305 and it worked. So it seems after a certain point in my GLDEFS file it classes every tag as unknown. Any way of fixing this?

Edited by a_spooky_skelo

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5 minutes ago, NightFright said:

You may want to post or link the entire file here, otherwise it will be hard to find the source of the problem.

I extracted the file to a text file and put it in the Rar


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Found it right away. You forgot to close a bracket, as I expected.

Like so:

Object BloodSkull
frame SWBSD { light BLOODSKULL_X1 }
frame SWBSE { light BLOODSKULL_X2 }
frame SWBSF { light BLOODSKULL_X3 }
frame SWBSG { light BLOODSKULL_X4 }
frame SWBSH { light BLOODSKULL_X5 }
} <-- add this


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