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Two Lion related Doom mods

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These are two whacky cartoonish comic style Lion-related mods I've been working on. I have hand drawn some new enemy and character sprites, and sprinkled friendly NPC civilians who just sort of roam around the maps. There are 5 new maps in each pk3, but the 4th map is the same in both of them. I have set these so that you can play the default maps on your iwad if you want to (Hell on Earth, E1M1, etc, and there are a few Doom2 maps converted to UDMF format for colored lighting just for fun.)

1st is called "Lion Power," with a new age Spyro the Dragon vibe to it. You play as Winston a small yellow lionman who defends his city from giant viruses and other monsters.

Lion Power.pk3

download it here : <a href="https://www.moddb.com/mods/lion-power-2020/downloads/lionpower" title="Download LionPower - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.moddb.com/download/medium/190915.png" alt="LionPower" /></a>

TITLEPIC_new.png.0ef86653e381f3ad3bf4e439bebf45dd.pngThe 2nd project is called "Infinite Wilderness," a more Teen-rated type mod but still pretty whacky and cartoonish, where you play as Arrould the Yellow Lion Warrior who dual wields two pistol grip shotguns

I am drawing new monster and character sprites. Hellknights and Barons of Hell are replaced with evil Hell Clowns. There are new whacky bizarre sprites for Arachnotron, Pinkie Demon, and SickImps.

Infinite Wilderness.pk3
<a href="https://www.moddb.com/mods/infinite-wilderness/downloads/infinite-wilderness-update" title="Download Infinite Wilderness update - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="https://button.moddb.com/download/medium/191246.png" alt="Infinite Wilderness update" /></a>

These have been tested using Zandronum but I'm sure they work with GZDoom.

Be warned there is a lack of horror theme or gore in these mods. I'm not really feeling the vibe lately with all that,
--not that there's anything wrong with horror and gore! nothing at all
I'm just in the mood for something lighter is all

Hoping these are enjoyable!

any questions or comments you can email me spacelion88@gmail.com
here is my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/brianleostar/

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Demons with human feet have now taken a high spot on the list of “things I didn’t realise would creep me out”.. 


Looks really colourful and creative though!

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Unfortunately I see you've recycled the very unfortunate drug paraphenalia health/armor power-up status bar from Doomsplitters, which honestly kind of ruined that game for me as well. I love the crazy art style and enemy design, though.

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