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"Compound Fracture" Final, Refined, 10-Map Re-release!

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Hey guys what's been going on? It's been a few months since my last post on here. Doom Eternal was great and I hope you all liked it as well. Anyways I know that I have posted this map set in the past but I have now gone back and refined it and extended it from 5 maps to 9, also including one secret map in the 31 slot. Compound Fracture received good praise from the community during it's initial release and you guys gave me alot of constructive criticism that I really appreciated. I also knew that I could do SO much more with it. Therefore I have decided to fix the errors that everyone pointed out, add 5 new maps and a couple new monster types to mix it up a bit. So here you guys go and I hope you really enjoy it! Tell me what you guys think!

Update: Fixed pain sector on lift in map 06.


I really want to thank the community for helping me become a better mapper.

"Eyeball Flesh" texture by : @Solmyr

Music Listing:



Map 01: Twiztid- "Mutant X"

Map 02: Bjorn Lynne- "Zombie Chase"

Map 03: Bjorn Lynne- "Stalker"

Map 04: Boney M- "Rasputin"

Map 05: Jason Seekings (Me)- "The Crawling Chaos"

Map 06: Korn- "Politics"

Map 07: Antonio Vivaldi- "Summer, Allegro Non-molto"

Map 08: Mayhem- "Freezing Moon"

Map 09: Metroid Zero Mission OST: "Charge Beam Worm Fight"

Intermission: Mischief Makers OST- "Eye-Catch"



Download: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/compfrac

Title: "Compound Fracture"

IWAD: Doom 2

Sourceports Tested With: GZDoom, LZDoom

Gameplay Mode: Singleplayer continuous

Difficulty: Not Implemented

Jump/Mouselook: Not designed for either to be used.

Maps: 9, 1 secret

New music: Yes

New sounds: Yes

New Monsters: Yes, 2, but used tastefully and with purpose in combat, not just to have them in there.




























Edited by Dubbagdarrel

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3 hours ago, Horus said:

Which source port(s) was it tested with?

GZdoom sorry about that.

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3 hours ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:

I really enjoyed the initial 5-map release, will definitely check this out sometime over the weekend.


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Hello. Great stuff so far. I actually survived MAP01 on Skill4 yay


Unfortunately, I think I might have softlocked MAP02 at the door with the chaingunners. Looked at it in UDB and not sure how that happened. Unless a chaingunner (or I) pressed the DR tags on the sides of those doors?


edit: this is GZDoom



Edited by DuckReconMajor

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5 hours ago, DuckReconMajor said:

Hello. Great stuff so far. I actually survived MAP01 on Skill4 yay


Unfortunately, I think I might have softlocked MAP02 at the door with the chaingunners. Looked at it in UDB and not sure how that happened. Unless a chaingunner (or I) pressed the DR tags on the sides of those doors?


edit: this is GZDoom



well that's unfortunate. I'm sorry about that. I feel like thats one of those things that are hard to catch even with  proper testing.  But I'm glad u liked what u did see. Thank you for playing and recording :)


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This took me just over an hour to complete, with the majority of maps being UV maxed. I’m really glad you decided to come back to this and expand upon it – overall, this is just a great, fast-paced set with a lot of fun ideas. Despite a few times where the lighting feels a bit flat, or texture use feels a tad uninspired/simplistic, you have a good sense of progression, and the levels are absolutely satisfying to play. There’s clearly a lot of passion here, and I’d recommend this to anyone. These are the types of quick, action-oriented levels that are always great to come back to, time and again.


The first 4 maps are basically as I remember them, with MAP03 still being my favourite of that bunch. The Shotgunner trap in the platforming pit in MAP04 is still an incredibly evil ambush, and absolutely slaughtered me again – part of me wants to criticize this, but, given that it’s an anomaly across the entire set, I think it deserves to stay in. Sometimes it’s nice to just get hammered by a ruthless setup that you have to discover firsthand, then figure out a strategy for. My biggest criticism in the initial half is the amount of shotgun shells in MAP01. I finished the first map with 90 shells... you can easily reduce that number, and still keep a nice balance for continuous play.


Starting with MAP05, we get into the string of new maps, and each of them feels very true to the tone you’d set in the initial release. You have a penchant for starting the player surrounded by monsters waiting to be stirred up, and I enjoyed seeing this trend continue.


  • MAP05: Haunters in the Dark – Solid map, with a wonderfully creepy/tense traversal through dark corridors filled with Wraiths and Spectres in search of the YK. This felt very reminiscent of Doom 1 in the best possible way. The music was perfect, you should definitely consider making more tracks in the future!
  • MAP06: Wraiths Wrath – Another fun map with a bit more teeth. The use of Wraith packs were very enjoyable to fight, and I liked the demonic, wooden church theme. The library arena was easily one of the coolest looking rooms in the set, and a great combat encounter. (Side note: Not sure where the secret is on this map?)
  • MAP07: Temple of Mysophilia – Easily the most striking map here, visually speaking. I absolutely loved the aesthetic, and it paired surprisingly well with the unexpected song. I cheesed the hell out of the final fight, by saving the Invulnerability in the AV closet earlier (it was entirely unnecessary for that fight), and then using it to just BFG the Cyberdemon, and everything else, with impunity. I’m not sure if this was an intended option, but it certainly stripped any sort of challenge from that last arena. Still an enjoyable map, otherwise.
  • MAP08: Courtyards – A very quick, short, bombastic romp with some fun encounters. I particularly enjoyed BFG blasting those large waves of Wraiths at the end. There’s probably a bit too much cell ammo throughout this map (I resorted to BFG blasting almost everything, even incidental monsters, and still left several cell packs behind me).
  • MAP09: Yog-Sothothotho-Yog-Oboth – I appreciate the expansion to this map, it definitely feels a lot more challenging now than it did previously, and took me a bit more time. Unfortunately, I think it still needs some work. I immediately found the lift and went straight up to the second area, which instantly made all of the IoS-spawned monsters in the lower section meaningless (other than flying ones). The threat of the Cyb feels a bit... awkward? Either he insta-kills me when I come up the lift, or I manage to just skirt past him and quickly BFG the poor schmuck. I liked the idea of having multiple objectives (switches / lifts) to accomplish before being able to kill the IoS, and the multi-tiered design of the arena is nice, but the level and general setup still just feels very awkward and ineffective. Don’t get too discouraged though, I think a solid IoS map/battle is arguably one of the trickier things to pull off. (Hot take: I hated the music here... lol, sorry).





The custom monsters: I thought these were fantastic additions to the set. I friggin’ love the D3 Wraith (and honestly wish it was used by more people). You used the Wraith very well here, especially when you started throwing larger swarms of it at the player, and utilizing it in areas that tempted the player to use the Rocket Launcher (which becomes tricky with those little buggers teleporting in front of you suddenly). I really enjoyed those guys, they just bring something quite fun and unique to the low-tier enemy combat formula. The Agaures were interesting, as well. They seemed to serve as a buffed Imp for the later levels, which felt appropriate. They hit like a truck but still go down easy, which is generally a fun combination. You were conservative with the custom enemies, having only two and introducing them gradually, and I thought it added some great personality to the mapset.



Bugs / Other Random Stuff


This door on MAP03 soft-locked me (picture in spoiler tag).




It would be nice if this door in MAP06 could be opened again, to allow back-tracking for resources (picture in spoiler tag).




  • The majority of door tracks throughout the set do not use “Lower Unpegged”, and are rather hit-and-miss with the use of the actual DOORTRAK texture, all of which just felt a little unpolished.
  • Your monster teleport closets (for teleporting hordes/ambushes) suffer from a lack of actual teleport linedefs for the monsters, resulting in a very slow “trickle”. Sometimes this can be an effective tool for pacing an ambush, in theory, but in the majority of cases here, it just resulted in drawn out and ineffective ambushes. I really strongly recommend taking a look at NIH’s Teleport Closet tutorials.
  • The RAISE state for the D3 Wraith uses Imp sprites, resulting in the Wraith corpse turning into an Imp (visually) while being resurrected by an Archvile. “TROO” are Imp graphics. You’ll want to change that to:
  Goto See


  • Also (if you’re interested), since you’re targeting GZDoom for this mapset, you can actually create a custom IoS that can spawn your new custom enemies in addition to the vanilla monsters. The BossEye page on the Zdoom wiki shows how to create one, with examples at the bottom.



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Dude thank you soooo much for your comments I appreciated them alot. It really means alot. Glad you had fun with it and enjoyed it so much.

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Hey there how's it going I got to check out these maps and I meant to post this sooner but I had to take my cat to the vet


Also I didn't realize it was continuous play so I totally played these wrong. If you're curious how far somebody could go doing only pistol starts haha


I'll try this again down the road on continuous play and sure I'd have a better time


Hope you enjoy this video anyway good stuff buddy







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I been meaning to come back to this, for some reason youtube frigged up and uploaded part 2 first ... either way here it is





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