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Doom artwork free to use

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Hi, does anyone know of someone or someplace where I could find some doom fan art that is free to use under a commercial license? I've been all over deviant art.


The reason is I am converting my copy of the doom board game into a classic doom theme rather than doom 3. I want to add some printed components to the game but obviously can't use images or artwork from the videogame because of copyright (and I haven't bothered contacting ID or whoever's owns the IP because that seems poontless). The company that laser prints board game parts (link below) will print stuff under a commercial license with authority from the IP holder. So I thought why not get some custom fan art put in?


So anyone know where else I can look for someone who wouldn't mind me using their work, with credit.



Game Crafter printing:



Doom board game 2004:


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It doesn't matter if it's custom fan art; DOOM including its characters are still copyrighted.  I am not a lawyer, but if you use fan art of recognizable DOOM monsters in a game commercially, or even just reference the DOOM trademark, you can still get into legal trouble.

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