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Anyone know how to run Bethesda Doom 64's iwad in GZDoom?

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Hey, sorry if this isn't the right place or this has been asked before, I've done a fairly extensive search online for anything telling me what to do, to no avail. So, does anyone know how to get GZDoom to like open the iwad? Again, sorry if this isn't the right forum. Idk if I'm supposed to use this or the source port forum.

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This is the right place. As far as I'm concerned, GZDoom hasn't supported Steam Doom 64 EX's iwad (yet, there's a probability though).


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4 hours ago, π•²π–—π–Šπ–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–—1 said:

I too would like to see GZDoom support the "proper" 64 IWAD now that 64's behavior is better understood.


There is interest, but it requires effort to get it in there. Unfortunately such support is limited by the amount of time and priorities available by people like Graf.

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This wasΒ an announcement on zdooms discord

”So a common question asked about Doom64.wad you get if you get Doom 64 on Steam or Bethesda - can you run it with a source port, say, maybe GZDoom?

The answer currently is no. There are several reasons for that, all of which are planned future features for GZDoom to eventually allow this, but it is not currently urgent:

1) Some of the data is incompatible with the formats that GZDoom can currently read, i.e. map data. This means that if GZDoom attempted to open a map the result would be corruption and it wouldn't work.
2) Not all Doom64 features are yet implemented in GZDoom. Even the wall gradient support is as yet incomplete. Sprites can have individual palettes and GZDoom is currently only set to read one.
3) To overcome these issues, a lot of guesswork and reversing is required. Currently the only publicly available work is Doom64 Ex, and more than just that may be needed to get the included Doom64.wad running in GZDoom.

In other words: This will take time. And interest. Can't make any promises, either. But it could happen, eventually.”

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