NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!!! updates: more balanced distribution of ammunition and health, more demons and improved maps. I'm actually working on new Maps to add to that Wad, I'm working hard for them and I hope you'll like them ^_^   DOWNLOAD:   Infernal Annihilator.rar   I hope you'll enjoy this WAD :). Tested with Zdoom and Zandronum, for a better experience play it with Zandronum or GZdoom.   TO WIN THE WAD YOU MUST KILL ME, JOHN ROM... Ehm no, to play that wad you'll need Doom 2 iWAD.     Medium Difficulty.     If you find a bug don't keep it inside your mind, please REPORT the problem to me (with a screenshot if possible)   Levels:   MAP01: Phobos Base MAP02: Central Blackout MAP03: Outside MAP04: Moon MAP05: Hell Swamp MAP06: Hot springs MAP07: doolb ekal MAP08: Fight against Hell   After a week from the first pubblication of this wad, I decided to change the name into that. Yeah, I don't know why I named the WAD "Hell Conjure".