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Is Marauder that hard?

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I played DOOM ETERNAL and I heard that the Marauder is an annoying piece of shit but in my view I don´t think is that annoying, you just gotta go fast and focus on the lower tier demons for ammo and then stay at the correct range so that his eyes glow green and shoot him with a SSG or a Ballista, I faced him even on Nightmare and still it wasn´t that annoying so that´s my opinion, anyways is the Marauder that hard?

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He flips the combat loop on its head and basically goes against everything the game taught you at that point, so he definitely left a first impression on lots of people. Once you figure out high DPS combos and his pattern though you can deal with him pretty easily 


The boss fight in arc complex is easy, its just a 1v1 with fodder around you. But he keeps showing up non-stop for the rest of the game when you got like 4 other heavies going for you at once, and he punishes you for running away but you have to if you don’t want to get killed by everything else, that’s where he trips people up.

Usually not that big of an issue though once you understand half the difficulty comes from the fact he leaves you open to other demons, just gotta focus all the other demons down and get the 1v1 with him and the fight is already won at that point. 

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The Marauder's Argent wave attack isn't too hard to dodge, and by the time I first encountered him on HMP I was tanky enough to weather a few blows from that attack, so I generally find it easier to just get some distance from the fucker and let him come to me. The Marauder is by far the most powerful defensive unit in the game, but his offensive capabilities are actually pretty rubbish. It's his speed and his damage resistance that make him dangerous by allowing him to whittle away at you while most of your attacks just bounce off his shield.

If he's mixed in with non-fodder enemies then I generally take those out first before turning back to the Marauder.

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It's hard the first time, but you learn fast. Now, when its not alone, oh boy.


Still, just try to pay attention where he is. Stay at safe distance (medium distance) and wait for the green eyes. My personal favorite combo so far is the quick-switch between SuperShotgun and the Ballista. Fun and powerful.

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