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Texture pack recommendations?

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I'm making a 10-map wad using custom resources and I need suggestions for texture pack(s) that look better while not diverging too much from stock assets

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GothicTX - Bunch of stock Doom 2 edits with gothic and medieval themed additions.

Zoontex - Colorful Doom 2 edits with a custom Palette

Jimmytex - Cool and useful stock edits by Doom midi machine @Jimmy

32in24-15 tex - Basically a better CC4tex with a custom palette that improves blue and red color ranges.

rfhelltx - Neat set of classic doom themed edits with yummy flesh textures.


Just a little tip: If you're gonna use custom textures in your wad, try to be as consistent with the texture sets as possible! Keep it clean!


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If you're looking to stay fairly close to the stock textures, try these:


The Fifth Episode Texture Pack

Gray Textures - various texture variants based on grays (along with some other colors mixed in for variety)

Noir Pack - various black and dark gray variants of textures (along with some colorful lights)

Silver Texture Pack - various silver variants, useful for tech base type maps

Useful Doom Edits Texture Pack

Useful Flats Texture Pack

Extra Lights - A variety of light textures with different sizes, widths, and colors

Recoloured Doom - Variants of stock textures in different colors


And I agree with Breezeep's comment about consistency. If your textures are all over the place, it runs the risk of looking sloppy.

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@an_mutt collected a bunch of textures from the "Post your Doom textures" thread.

There's also Potpourri which is basically an older version of the same thing (compilation of texture edits posted on ZDoom and Doomworld forums), and in fact, most of what's here should fit.

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