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Serafettin6 B

Which Doom source port you think is the best one

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Chocolate Doom for vanilla experience

Crispy Doom for vanilla + QoL and raised limits

Prboom+ for general use with high compatibility

Gzdoom for advanced stuff

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Which ever meet your needs.

You can also check DOOM BFA, quite close to vanilla + QOL improvements + it can be used on DOOM 3 BFG Edition & DOOM 3 (Beth.net/2019)

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Z-Doom on my laptop as the laptop has poor graphical ability. GZ-Doom on my desktop but that's mainly for PSX Doom TC.

Not really tried any others.

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1 hour ago, CrbnBased said:

Delta Touch!


Still debating if I want to make the huge investment so I can get in some doom at work.

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Crispy Doom and PrBoom+ have been my newfound love since my laptop isn't good at handling something too intensive, they run big maps so well that it feels wonderful.

Slowly replacing GZDoom with LZDoom for the mods.

For multiplayer, I like Zandronum.

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I'd say PrBoom+.  It has vanilla demo support and runs pretty well.

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