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An old Wolfenstein 3D mod i made

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So back in 2015 i made a little mod for Wolfenstein 3D, called "M Invasion", it's basically about stopping a generic corporation from taking over the world, now i know that's a shitty story but i didn't really care about it when i made the mod.

Here's a gameplay video of it, showing 2 levels:


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12 hours ago, Dark Pulse said:

Would it work in ECWolf?

it has no code changes so yeah, it works in ecwolf.

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4 hours ago, Taw Tu'lki said:

I should play it.

For that, we'd need a release, which sadly does not exist.

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i don't really know if i will release the mod, maybe i'll release it after i release my episode 1 replacement for wolf3d (which the mod uses).

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7 hours ago, LiT_gam3r said:

Do you think you'll make a sequel to this as a DOOM WAD?


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So i remember i tried making a whole M Invasion game, but that didn't turn out well. The M Invasion game has went through many engine changes, first from RGM (Raycasting Game Maker) to FPS Creator and finally, GZDoom.

However, i stopped working on the game because i was no longer interested in making it. Those links i gave are from the game's pages on ModDB, and there are alpha builds that i posted there, like 3 from the RGM version, 1 from the FPS Creator version and none from the GZDoom version. Right now i'm making a similar game named Kulfonom that has also gone through an engine change from FPS Creator to Goldsrc recently.

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