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tablet pc's

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Teh link died.

Edit: nevermind, comps's a biatch t'day. Pbbbft.

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link works for me, i dont know about a microsoft product. oh wait, i said that about the x-box too and that turned out to be good hardware. this thing may be good, personaly i would try before buying. I would just get a laptop, ,ight be a bit more but u can do more with it.

things i would check, what is it made of. good parts make or break things. compaq(presario laptops) and sony(playstation 2) have had downfalls these last few years, so has gateway(ev700 monitors), Dell(different powersupplies useing ATX connection) and a few other products. i mention these things because alot of physical hardware flaws exsist. like bad solders on boards, shoty components, and weak structure design. something that size should be able to take some abuse, like a drop or a small exposer to tempetures and humidity.

the parts for the money, is it good compared to other products.

upgrades, ok things like these cant be upgraded that much but i am mainly thinking of addons. why in the holy hell would you pay 100 for a keypad for a PDA(as i see advertised in most places. it is the same damn technology that is in ANY keyboard.

do resaerch before getting, also warrenties are always good to check out. I wish i had check product strength on my laptop

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