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TorturousHelm - My first completed map (V 1.1)

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Compatible source ports: Chocolate Doom, GZDoom (should work with any source ports)

Advance port rules: No jump, but freelook is okay

IWAD: Doom 2

Number of Maps: 1




Torturous-Helm is my first completed Doom 2 map, I made this map with these rules in mind:

  • Keep it Vanilla
  • Have recognizable landmarks so the player doesn't get lost
  • Make the map look good
  • Have at least one moment where you backtrack
  • Don't make the map to long


This map is supposed to be the first map of a 4 map wad, so if you find it a bit easy that's normal.

Also if you could tear my map a new one so I can improve it that would be great.


Download link:

Torturous-Helm 1.1





- Added more indications for doors that need keys

- Changed how one the doors are opened to improve gameplay

- Added a teleporter to one of the secrets

- Fixed a visplane overflow

- Fixed a minimap issue

- And other minor changes


Older version:



Edited by Oplexitie : Update

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@Clippy Nice video, i'm happy you enjoyed playing the map. I really liked seeing you hunting for the secrets.

Also thanks for playing my map it really helped to find some issues with it. I've already fixed some of them, and might update the map today.


And the weird rooms you found while looking for secrets in no clip are monster teleport rooms, you shouldn't have been able to see them on the mini map, seems like I didn't hide them correctly.


Anyways I hope you get some good rest.

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FDA below.

Enjoyable map, I liked the simplistic visuals, especially the lighting in some of the areas, looks impressive for vanilla limits.

Some minor gripes I had with the map was that unless you find secrets, you'll be stuck with chaingun and shotgun, which is not very fun when this map has many mid-tier enemies such as hell knights, I think it would be better if some of the items that are found in the secrets will be placed in non-secret areas, and better items would be placed there instead. For example, put green armor at the start, and replace it with a megaarmor in the secret. Put a rocket launcher in a non-secret area, but put a plasma gun in the secret where it used to be. etc.

Barrels scattered around the map would also be very nice to spice up the gameplay, as it felt a little lackluster without them.


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@joe-ilya Thanks for the compliments.

I can see how it can be kind of annoying to fight the hell knights without the secret weapons, but I'm kind of scared of adding a better weapons to fight them since it could make some parts of the map too easy, i'll see if I can address this issue in a different way.

Anyways I completely agree with your other gripes, I'll fix those when I can.



Also I watched your demo, and I see you found a couple of 'bugs', i'll try and fix those too.

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A plasma gun or another green armor won't make it too easy, it will make it quicker, but not necessarily remove any challenge.

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Hi, I just played your map and I liked the design and the visuals. Regarding monsters it was really easy, except the blue key room, but after you have the key it get's easy again. I understand that this shall not be too tough as it is intended to be the first map, but after you have the blue key a climax of the map is missing a little bit.


Two things struck my attention:

As textures have no "sides" those bars are invisible when you look from the side. You should put thin pillars made of a "cut out sector" at the end of the bars.




The Linedefs of your teleporters face inwards, that's why you teleport while walking out of the teleporter instead while walking into it. You can flip the lines by selecting them and hit the F key.



This is how the lines should face:


Edited by Loomis

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But you have really cool designs and ideas, please go on with that map!

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@joe-ilya Ok, well I've been thinking about it, and since I'm gonna rework some areas in the map, I think I'll add a rocket launcher. Also I added the green armor, I agreed that I was stingy with the armor pick ups.


@Loomis Thanks for the compliments, I can't argue that most of the map isn't easy, i'll try to fix that.I'm thinking of making more arenas like areas in the next version of the map, so I'll make a better climax while I'm at it. And I'll fix the invisible bars, kept them like that due to visplane overflows, but I'll try to find another solution. Also thanks for informing me about the teleporters, I rarely make them so I didn't notice :/ .


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Maybe I did not explain correctly what I meant by "tiny sector", actually it's not a sector but it's a cut out rectangle (see my new screenshots below). That should not lead to a visplane overflow because it has no floor and ceiling surfacesladeshot-2020-04-16-080508.png.2338335ce4146551b3838aa378c59991.pngsladeshot-2020-04-16-080457.png.671eaabdecb29228b126b4ac33636682.png.

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@Loomis Nah you explained it correctly, I just didn't know that if there's wasn't a ceiling or floor surface it doesn't lead to visplane overflows. Probably should of read the wiki page on that :/

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