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game stuttering a bit

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I'm experiencing the game stutter a bit.

My GPU is quite old (Radeon 290, 2 GB) but it usually run at 60 FPS.


The issue is sometime the game freeze for a millisecond and then go on. This is quite annoying. I've enabled the fps/performance counter and when this happen looks like there is a drop in performance and then it pick up again almost immediately.


Any idea what this can be? Maybe something I can enable or disable to avoid the issue?

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The reason might be cases where there is a lot of texture data needing to load.

Also keep in mind that your GPU is below the recommended minimum, so that does not help.

Have a look a this video, maybe these console settings can alleviate the issue. Good luck.


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OP, you haven't said if you're running from a SSD or an HDD. I (for example) am running the game from my Steam HDD (1Tb, with enough room for all the games I will ever have, and cheap but slow storage) and so loading from that is slower than an SSD (which is my Windows OS drive).


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From a HDD. SSD is like in your setup Windows OS drive. 

The issue is not really about loading time but a millisecond stutter that happens at some regular intervals. 

So let's say I'm in a empty room, running up and down or even just rotating my view. Every 3 seconds or so there is a small freeze and then it goes on again.

Will try to take a small video and post it if I can.

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