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What are your favorite gameplay mods?

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21 minutes ago, Kronecker–Capelli said:

Smooth doom actually

Gameplay features in Smooth Doom is optional and insignificant, main purpose of this mod is enchanting of graphics.

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Shotgun Frenzy and Stronghold for multiplayer.

Smooth Doom for single player, but sometimes I want to go a bit more wild I go for something weird like La Tailor Girl or something completely unbalanced on purpose like Russian Overkill.

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  • Quakestyle and its derivatives ZX and Unbound, though I only play Unbound currently.
  • Doom Delta, aka. the only finished Doom Bible-based mod.

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Discovered Brutal ages ago and played that mostly, but kept coming across WADs that didn't play properly. Discovered Beautiful Doom recently (yeah, I know...) which I also love, and can now play these other WADs :-)

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