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Texture isn't loading when I run the level in gzdoom


one specific wall texture isn't loading and I can't figure out why because when I check it all parts of both sides have the same texture (even in visual mode) but when I check in the actual level it has the same effect as if i noclipped out of bounds but just on the linedef where the texture should be. (using doom builder 2 with it set up as zdoom in hexen format and playing it in gzdoom) What causes this and how can i fix it (also it is my first level)

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Two possibilities come to mind.


Is it a texture from an optional texture pack?

When testing from within the editor the texture pack is loaded as well.

But testing your pwad externally then the texture pack must a added manually.


Did you attach the texture to the correct part of the wall?

Upper, middle or lower.



Since you are using Slade3 add the texture lump into your pwad.


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Aha, a hole in the wall :)




Trace out that sector again, hitting each original vertex.


In case you are wondering why,




Linedefs bordering a void can have only one sidedef, so no back sidedef.



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