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Ultimate DOOM Graphics-only WADs

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations on good WADs for Ultimate DOOM that ONLY update the graphics (sounds ok but no maps). And specifically, I'm looking for ones that work with Vanilla DOOM in DOS. I have a couple up level-only WADs I'd like to combine with them. Any theme is fine.

Any ideas?


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18 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Graphics like only the textures or also the monsters / weapons?

Basically, I'm looking for a good quality WAD that overhauls everything (or nearly everything) but the levels. Something like D4V or The Simpsons. And specifically for Vanilla Ultimate DOOM so I can run it in DOS.

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1 hour ago, SuperCupcakeTactics said:

Lego graphics replacement WAD


This is the first thing I thought of from the first place I thought of for such things: Good ol' Doom Wad Station.

Ha! I love that! I'm more looking for something that also replaces the environmental textures/models but I can probably find a use for this as well! Thanks for showing it to me!

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Black gloves for the Doomguy by Grimm, a stylish black (or red) gloves instead of the ordinary glove

One with the force by Martin Howe, a Star Wars themed graphic replacement for monster and guns

POVDOOM 2.0 by Iikka "Fingers" Keränen, from Requiem fame, similar to the above but only changes monsters with 3D looking dinosaur aliens of sort

HOKUTO NO DOOM level designer kit by Benoit Spacher, this over replacing monster and guns, it also modifies some of the textures


Texture pack only:

TEXLIB2 by Larry Mulcahy

Parallel Phobos Textures by scifista42

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Haha! Some of these look pretty cool! I might give these a shot, if i can get them to work as some are quite old and i'm not too good at getting older stuff to work. I might try the Lego one out first, just for the hell of it. Thanks everyone!


EDIT: Lego one is neat! A few quick pics i snapped in the first 2 Maps of Ultimate Doom:











Don't ask why that last pic is so dark. The software renderer in GZDoom is always super dark for me in that part of the map. Just imagine how SIGIL was...lol.

Edited by CyberDreams : update

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