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WADS that work with BD or Project Brutality (aka non slaughter maps)

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I went on project brutalitys discord channel asking for wads that are working fine with PB or brutal doom (BD). I got redirected to their sticky which featured hundreds of wads. I've tried out a lof the popular ones and frankly most of them are slaughter wads. I'm not a fan of these wads where you go into a room and suddently you're facing off 100 or 1000s of enemies at the same time. Not only is it boring but the fps takes a skydive into single digits. I also don't save during the level, only use level checkpoints as a save.


Wads's i've tried


Alien vendetta, first 8 maps started out okay then it goes batshit insane in terms of balance and fps

Saturn x , 50% of the wad is okay then it's insane

they way id did it  (loved it, reminded me of doom 1 & 2 but extended)

going down (until map 15 then it's you against insame amount of monsters at 12 fps).


So i'm asking help from you doom veterans. Which are your favorite non-slaughter wads that works fine with PB/BD?

Thank you

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Lost Civilization (very non-linear maps. Decent PC recommended) - a megawad with HUUUGE maps, lots of outdoor sections

Epic 1/2 (very non-linear maps. Decent PC recommended) - Alien Egyptian megawad.

Avactor -  a megawad with HUUUGE maps, lots of outdoor sections

UAC Ultra - techbase stuff. Very brown and black.

No Rest for the Living - A late semi-official Doom 2 DLC.

Jenesis - a collection of (speed?)map by a prominent map/music maker.

Mapwich 1/2 - a pretty big map collection where each map is made by an ameteur mapmaker and a veteran one.

Dimension of the Boomed - Quake in Doom.

DBPs 1-10 - Doomer Board Projects 1-10, recommended for people running out of stuff to play. 1-10 is more vanilla-oriented, while the newer entries have way more custom textures, sprites and music.

Valiant E1-E2 (vacinnated edition) - Toxic-themed mapset that will kick your ass on E3 or later, so don't try playing after E2 if you hate slaughter stuff. E1 and E2 have some spiky moments but are not worthy enough to be called slaughter.

Community Chest series 

Revolution! - Story-focused megawad that's very breathtaking overall.

John Romero's E1M4b/E1M8b/E5(Sigil) 

Oops! All Techbase - A community megawad where every map is a techbaseTM

Doom 64 for Doom 2 - Doom 64 in its entirety jammed in Vanilla Doom.

Eternal Doom - in exchange for slaughtery encounters, have some switch hunting. Again, HUUUGE maps.

Scythe 1 - Speed map megawad with difficulty gradually increasing. Ignore E3, since you don't like slaughter stuff.

Scythe 2 - The highly anticipated sequel. Recommend to stop after MAP20.



All maps in here are moderately challenging at best, with difficulty spike in some areas.

And I dunno, the problem here seems to be your skills. Back to Saturn X doesn't have too many slaughter areas - heck, it isn't even a slaughter wad.


Also try tuning down difficulty setting to something like HMP.


Alternatively, try Compendium, which includes many late 90s-early 2000s WADs that are very gameplay mod friendly.

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TNT: Evilution and Revilution works great for me.

Doom 2 Re-imagined also works, but i dont like the early levels pasing.

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For some reason I can't respond with a quote using the latest firefox. Oh well i'll just make a new reply instead. Might be my adsetup.


TheNoob_Gamer, want to thank you personally for that list and the descriptions behind each wad. Wasn't even ware my favorite doom (n64) was made into a wad using the doom 2 engine, what a brilliant idea. Regarding Saturnx, it was awhile ago but to my knowledge later stages they have the player stuck in a room with several archviles?. Thank you also for mentioning how far I should play per wad until it turns into a slaughter map.


Stay safe my friend :)






Thanks for your wad suggestions guys, will def download them and play em!!

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I'm playing and having fun with JPCP and Nova3_RC1.

Also one can make endless maps to play with Oblige.

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