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Mr.S Retro

DeHackEd help

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When I shoot the uzi in my dehacked mod it gives me this error. Does anyone know how to fix this, I am using ultimate doom 1.9 dehacked with WhackEd4.



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Did you definitely convert the graphic for that frame to Doom format? I've had this problem before when I've imported graphics in SLADE but forgotten to convert them.

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Sorry, this is probably stuff you've already checked but is the weapon definition pointing to frame 55? 


I had exactly this problem a few days ago but I can't remember what fixed it, I thought it was the graphic format -- but that seems unlikely from looking at the Crispy source code around that message.   Wish you luck!  

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8 hours ago, Oppo1021 said:

Just made a copy labled MUZZB0

Or better yet, have a look at the "Weapons" tab - Chaingun's muzzle flash state.

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