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USQC Wednesday Night Deathmatch #48: 32in24-11 - Zandronum

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We will kick things off this week by switching back to Zandronum for WNDM. Be prepared to explore the 11th installment of the 32in24 series and the winner of Best Multiplayer WAD for the 2011 Cacowards! This is truly a remarkable deathmatch wad, both in terms of size (maps) and quality. As these maps were designed for at least 8 people in mind, there should be plenty of frags to go around!

Date: April 8, 2020

Time: 8:00PM CDT


Skill: Nightmare

IWAD: doom2 

PWADs: 32in24-11.wad

Maps: 1-45

Players: 16/32


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