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Search function not working anymore?

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Nope, not working :P

Last post from Ling:

"It's been up and down lately since the search server doubles as the static image server and the whole thing is working overtime with Doom Eternal and all. It works fine for a while and then falls over again. The only option is probably to bite the bullet and pay for a beefier server. I have been putting it off because I was having a minor panic attack over LetsEncrypt breaking and the SSL certificate for Doomworld was due to expire, uh, now-ish? So I was busy sorting that all out first."


So, may not be working for a while.

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Try a search engine such as dogpile.com.   I searched for Ball of Hell Testikill and the first result was a doomworld topic telling everything you could want to know about it.  Oh the irony of the original post without knowing the name of the band...

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You can also use Google, with the domain limiter flag:


Ball of Hell Testikill site:doomworld.com




You can build this by the settings/advanced search options, or just add 'site:bla.com' to the query.

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Seems, status updates aren't working too, unless my browser is in blame. 

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