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Mancubus dream

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I just remembered that I had a vivid dream last night that I was playing Doom 2 on Hurt Me Plenty, which I never do. And I got to a level that on Ultra Violence did not have a Cyberdemon but here on Hurt me Plenty it did have one. And it was fighting a mancubus in large room. In the dream it was the Doom 2 cyb and mancubus, but the mancubus was all f'd up. It had one of its massive arms blown off, and blood and bone and shit was hanging from its shoulder where his arm had been, and it was super graphic and gorey and realistic looking. And he kept firing with the good cannon at the cyb, while lumbering around all contorted and f'd up from taking rocket blasts, and yet he was still, somehow, alive; but barely. It was sort of a horrific scene, seeing this poor, nearly destroyed mancubus with this twisted look of horror and sadness on its face, as it lumbered around still firing its cannon at the Cyberdemon. 

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