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Ideas for new Doom Honorific Titles!: Challenges for Masters.

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The New Honorific Titles: For the most hardcore/bored of doomers.


Hello there doomers! As of 2020, the Doom community is going stronger and stronger everyday. With Doom Eternal been released not so long ago, there’s only more and more chances that more people will start playing the older games too.


I’m not a great Doom expert or speedrunner, I'm a big casual Doom fan yet I’ve always been fascinated by the sheer amount of skill and knowledge that players can have in this game. Such skills have also brought alongside some awesome forms of competitive gaming, like the well-known



The roots of Doom competitive gaming and speedrunning, or just the challenge itself, came also in another less known but still interesting and cool idea. The DHT, or Doom Honorific Titles.


I love the idea in it’s purest form. Maybe cause I’m and old mmorpg player, or maybe cause I just like the idea of how cool the titles sound. So, whats the point? Well, out of sheer entertaining and fun, I decided to create some new titles myself (Yeah, so hard, much wow.) Still, I just like the idea and the possibilities that it introduces to the whole spectrum of hardcore or competitve players.


Pardon me if, maybe, I just sound like a complete newbie or geek, cause I am, yet, I found it fun so I here I am. Let’s go into it.


-          General Titles: For this, it stretches across simple but still respectable challenges that span across some or all the games. Also, I’m going to use the already existing titles for this one because I think those are very general and recognizable titles, (but more expanded-upon, of course.)


1.      Doom Master: Beat all the original games in UV.

2.      Doom Grandmaster: Beat all the original games in Nightmare.

3.      Doom Connaisseur: Beat all the original games in UV, plus all the singleplayer Cacoawards.

4.      Doom Slayer: Beat ALL the games in their max difficulty.

5.      Doom GOD: A combination of all the previous titles.


-          Specific Titles: Self-explanatory. Requires specific tasks to be completed.


1.      Doom Speeddemon: Speedrun all the original games in the UV speed category.

2.      Doom Speedmaster: Speedrun all the original games in UV speed category plus two or more of the selected WADs of Compet-n (Hell Revealed, Requiem, Memento Mori, Memento Mori II, The Classic Episode, Alien Vendetta and Scythe)

3.      Doom Lover: Beat at least 125+ different WADs (with at least 20 megawads.) in UV.

4.      Doom Berserker: Beat the following Slaughter maps in UV: Okuplok (Oh lord), Sunder, Chillax, Scythe II, Slaughterfest 2012, Arch-Vile Jump, No Chance and the one and only, Dimensions.

5.      Doom Ironslayer: Play 24 hours of one Doom game straight.

6.      Doom Goldenslayer: Play 24 hours of each Doom game straight. (In different stances of course.)

7.      Doom Omega: Beat at least 500 WADs (with at least 100 megawads.) in UV. This is some grinding. Correct me if it seems too easy.

8.      Doom Veteran: Play for at least 15 years of your life. Be eternal.


-          Joke Titles & Others: Just some fun stuff to try or laught at.


1.      Doom Mastermind: Complete a facts test about your knowledge in Doom history with at least 90% score. Lol.

2.      Doom Pervert: Beat H-Doom in, Nightmare? Lol.

3.      Doom Steamroller: Have at least 1,000+ hours registered in one of the steam versions of any Doom game.

4.      Doom Zero-master: Beat one of the records of the legend itself, Zero-Master.

5.      Doom Moshmaster: Listen to ALL the awesome Doom soundtracks while headbanging your soul out.

6.      Doom Collector: Have a physical collection of various Doom games and collectibles.

7.      Doom Sinner: Go through the worst WADs (in)famous in the Doom community.

8.      Doom Blessed: Attend a QuakeCon and meet a dev, or, meet the fathers of Doom. One can dream you know.

9.      Doom Doom: Play Doom inside Doom inside of Doom.

10.    Doom Guy: Have green armor and a cool helmet. Wait a minute…



Well, that pretty much sums it up. The social isolition helps with new ideas, lol. Anyway, I hope  you liked some of these ideas and maybe you can try one yourself! Tell me how it goes and have fun as always.


I myself might try to get some of my own made-up stupid titles, I like them. Haha.


Rip and Tear, peace.

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