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Black Hole Sun

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Just from the screenshot alone, it looks like a really good map. I'll check it out sometime

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gave it a shot on UV, and I have a few opinions on it. The first portion of the map is pretty fun. I like how exploratory it is, traveling through all the caves and buildings. Visually, its a bit dissonant. the texturing is all over the place, I didn't see any major misalignments, it was simply a matter of texture choices and colors that didn't really fit in with each other. The "Black hole sun" in the center is actually really cool, though, I really liked it. What I don't like, is that strange jump you have to make to get to that area, its really only obvious in the automap, and it doesn't really lead the player towards it. Speaking of that area, the cyberdemon fight was underwhelming. Especially because its really easy to fall while dodging rockets sending you straight to the bottom of the map. This is not challenging, its annoying. I also found it strange that the cool ass sun isn't the climax of the map, and it keeps going for a bit. I understand it may be a bit short without the "blood cave" but it was disappointing that the sun wasn't more relevant. What I would do is put a beam under the sun (think: Ancient Aliens) and it takes you into an arena or inside the black hole or whatever and the climax can happen there. Everything before the Cyberdemon fight is fun, I actually like the vertical-ness and think its really unique, but the remainder of the map doesn't really do it for me.

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There's not much of a colour scheme besides "yay! all the colours!" I was mimicking supercupcaketactic's overly colourful and messy early maps because it was made for his project.

It was also kind of the point to put the cyber like that, so that if a player falls down, they may stumble on an area on the way up that they skipped and fight some extra enemies while going back up

Teleporting into the black hole is a really good idea, I didn't think of that, I could've made it a tech base corrupted by black void, fuck me.

Nice that you like the rest of it though, the blood cave with the bridge building is an acquired taste IMO, so I understand why you may not like that part.


Thanks for the FDA, Noisy.

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How do you go about accessing this secret? I tried from every direction and I could not access it.

Edit: Never mind, you have to walk over where the candle is.

Black Hole Sun.png

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