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Bulldog del 80

Wad Recomendation

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm using an online translator, so please excuse the language. Well I would like you to recommend me some wad similar to sigil or tnt evolution, something similar to doom or doom 2 in its theme and atmosphere, and with its own music. 


can someone recomend a good wad? im playing with gzdoom. thanks !!

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Memento Mori 1 and 2 sound right up your alley.


Oh, Doom the Way id Did 1 and 2! Don't have their own music though.

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i mean ..i would like the wad has diferent music from the doom 1&2 pc tracks, just something different like ambient tracks, dont mind if this tracks are from doom psx doom64 or other games.

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If all you've played so far is IWADs (Doom II and TNT) and want something similar, the "Doom/2 The Way id Did" listed above fits the bill pretty well. They're all modern maps designed to emulate the original looks and gameplay in new ways. If you want to see what the community is up to now, check out another mapset called "Eviternity," which is more difficult than the original games, but not too hard by modern standards, and some visuals that can't be beat. Some other modern ones that are widely regarded as the best are Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Struggle: Antaresian Legacy, Lost Civilization, and Sunlust. Bear in mind many of these (Especially Sunlust) are much, much harder than anything from the original games, so keep that in mind. If you played Ultra-violence for Doom 2 and TNT, maybe keep to Hurt Me Plenty for most of the ones I listed up there.

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Hola, hablo español, por tu apodo supongo que vos también. Si no, mil disculpas, quedé como un boludo. Del estilo que pedís, yo te recomiendo que juegues:

-Doom the way id did

-Doom Zero

-Back to Saturn X (Ep. 1)


-Suspended In Dusk (muy bueno, capta perfectamente la atmósfera de los clásicos)

-Mass Extinction (de Nicolás Monti, argento como el dulce de leche)

-Scythe (niveles corto, del estilo clásico, muy entretenido)

-Fava Beans (muchos lo recomiendan, no me gusta mucho a mí, tiene la estética del episodio 1 del Doom 1)

-Eviternity (uno bien actual, ganador de Cacoward 2019, se pone más complicado en la mitad, pero el diseño es exquisito)


Hay más pero con eso tenés para entretenerte. Si querés buscar más wads que sean muy buenos, podés buscar acá:




Los wads los podés buscar en google fácilmente, el archivo que bajás lo arrastrás a la carpeta del GZDoom y luego para jugarlos los arrastrás a la aplicación.


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Thanks a lot for recommendations, i play Doom and Doom 2 and TNT ultra-violence. Sigil... Hurt me plenity, i like challenge but not a frustating experience. Again thanks all of you for recomendations and tips.




Correcto, soy de España, muchas gracias Demion por las recomendaciones, mi inglés es muy basico, gracias por la ayuda. llevo estos dias de tiempo libre enganchadisimo a Doom, me he terminado Doom 1 y Doom 2 en Ultraviolence en estos dias de confinamiento. y me quedado con ganas de mas, de ahi mi post. un abrazo !!!


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