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[Music] Unknown Bands that are worth knowing

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Many of us love music, to go to concerts (sadly not now because of c-virus :-/), collect cd's and merchandising etc...

Everybody knows about the "big ones" like AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd and stuff. But with that topic I'd like you to share your experiences with bands that are much lesser known or- even more interesting- totally unknown to people but still awesome to some extend. I've found many of them almost nobody speaks of and that's a pity. 

There's no rule here, if it's Jazz, Black Metal or Punk,- so be it. Would be cool if you post a band, their genre, a short description or a link whatsoever. 


I make a start with a couple of entries. Since I'm focussing on ProgRock mostly, I'll stick to that.

"The Watch" is an italian group that heavily reincarnates the early Genesis days. For those that are keen on the Peter Gabriel era and still don't know "The Watch", feel free to look them up. To me, they sound like as Peter would have never left the band and carried on with his style with a fresh new touch.

I love them very much. 


"Cathedral" (Not the Doom Metal band from GB!)

But from USA. What to say about them? Not much, too unknown. They made an album in '78...and another one 30 years later. LOL

I only know their first album "Stained Glass Stories". It follows the path of Yes's Fragile/Close to the Edge/Tales from Topographic Ocean. I bought that cd at a horrendous price because it's so rare, probably one of the most expensive ones I ever got.... I didn't regret it. 


"Twelfth Night"

They might be interesting for early Marillion fans. Not unknown to the Britains but probably less known in most other countries. I bought a couple of cd's and I have mixed feelings about their works. Some songs are really awesome, some ones really crap. "Creepshow" is one of their badass songs that can easily compete with material from Script for a Jester's Tear or Fugazi. "The Collector" is a 20 min. epic song, it's their "Grendel" I'd say.


I could go on for pages, but enough for now. What do you like what others should know of? 








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I recently came across this music video from Nanowar of Steel, and I can honestly say it's my favorite music video in years.  Comedy metal is a grossly under-appreciated genre.



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Well, I can give examples from bands' I'm really enjoying lately. Most are of the melodeath/doom variety, but they do something that really works for me because I find myself to be engaged by very specific things. I will focus on three bands I've referred to as "The Three Headed Dragon" because I basically found and got into them at the same time and all three I think were transformative to my tastes in music (the process kind of started with Insomnium, which was like a precursor). Its fairly clear with a lot of these bands Opeth was a huge influence, and I really like Opeth as well but I guess they might just qualify as a more known band. Barely. Probably. 


Be'lakor - Exemplary in everything they do. Powerful, driving, and dark. 






Ne Obliviscaris - Took everything I loved about symphonic metal, combines it with death metal and embarks on journeys which possess the elation of the type of power metal I used to most like. And listen to their bass. Just listen to it. 





In Mourning - I find their style and composition to just be staggering. An almost perfect combination of brutality and fragile reflection. 




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Indonesia has some obscure gems worth checking around. These are some of them that I think are worth sharing.

Abbhama - Alam Raya (1978), progressive rock

Shark Move - Ghede Chokra's (1970), progressive rock

Ziarah - Immortal Ceremony (1998), black metal

 Remy Sylado - Orexas (1978/1980), art rock/folk


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Underground German thrash, Outbreak of Evil 1987.

Doesn't sound like typical German thrash like Sodom or Kreator, but still great.


Underground German thrash, Poverty is no disgrace 1989.

Pretty brutal shit.


Underground German speed, Immortal Instant 1986.

Some sort of mixture of speed and NWOBHM.


Underground German power/speed, Mephisto 1988.

For Helloween likers.

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Most of mine would be punk bands probably.

Nomeansno has some great bass work, and very creative song design.

The Murder City Devils are always a classic. 

Victims Family also has some really great bass work. I should mention that this album was released on September 10th, 2001.


Although I do love Skyforger, despite the fact that I can't speak Latvian. But folk pagan metal music is enjoyable. Whenever I listen to music in a language I can't understand I just kind of make the vocals blend with the music.

The Black Heart Procession is pretty good as well.

And of course there's Deadbolt, the "Scariest Band in the World". Three bass guitars, the wall of thunder.


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One of my favourite bands to listen, sadly they don't try post their music on spotify or create youtube channel for their albums:


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Here's a few reasonably unknown bands that I dig

Circle Takes The Square [skramz]




War From A Harlots Mouth [metalcore]




I Hate Myself [skramz]




Cuz Seven Ate Nine [deathcore]




Handguns [pop punk]




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It's grindcore with a twist.


John Zorn on saxophone. Bill Laswell on bass. Mick Harris on the drums. It's fucking weird, fucking harsh and I fucking love it.



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sure, I'll byte :D


If you are into stoner metal, you probably know about Electric Wizard, so I'll present Acoustic Wizard instead (exactly as the name says, it's one dude doing acoustic covers of EW. I recommend very much, specially for fans)


and, why not, some cool portuguese metal acts :

Göatfukk, black metal, they only have one EP for now, but I love seeing them live


OAK, another "only have on EP at the time but are awesome to see live" band


INFRA, saw this guys live some 8 years ago and I've been waiting for more ever since:


And for something a bit more traditional, Corpus Christii:


(I'll do more another day, less black metal centered :P)

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