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What is the hardest Master Level for Doom II

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I've played through most of the Master Levels for Doom 2, but I have always wondered which one is the hardest. It took me forever to play Trapped on Titan but never found it that difficult. What are your thoughts?

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Titan Manor, in terms of difficulty of progression


TEETH, in terms of difficulty of combat

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That's a toss-up between TEETH, Mephisto's Mausoleum and Black Tower.


The former is tough due to the extreme close-quarters combat, and the ending can simply go fuck itself.


Mephisto is flat-out annoying, what with the constant abuse of Revenants, badly placed Mancubi, and the stingy ammo quantity. 


Black Tower is quite a lengthy map with several lethal, yet definitely doable, traps. Gotta be on your feet. 


Yeah, Cranium takes the cake for the hardest maps in the Master Levels. 

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I don't like to call Cranium's maps the hardest, they're just hugely unbalanced overall.

The hardest level that isn't bad at the same time is VESPERAS.wad (except for that one secret).

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Mephisto's ending is bullshit, I beat the level once but the hit detection with the Icon is really awkward and your rockets are very limited.

The Express Elevator to Hell is as said very cramped, beat it once as well, thought the concept was cool but it's not very fun.

Black Tower is actually my favorite but its got some bizarre methods of activation and a rather cryptic progression.

Vesperas is really nasty and I always confuse it for Nessus but the latter isn't nearly as hostile to the player from the start. It also has THE dumbest logic to figure out how to get the yellow key.

Titan's Manor just has some bad and needlessly cryptic progression, meanwhile I'll mention that Trapped on Titan is quite fun and action-packed and is a far better way to spend 30 minutes.

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