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Demonic Dawn: Labs

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This is my first Doom WAD so any and all feedback is welcome.


The demonic invasion from Hell has just begun on Earth. You play as the last surviving security guard in a UAC lab facility in America. Your only two options are to fight or die. Make it out of the facility alive to group with other survivors and pray that HE comes back.


This WAD is for Doom 2 and is best played on Ultra-Violence with no freelook, crouching, or jumping. This map was tested on GZDoom only. As of right now there is only one level but I intend on making more which will add to the Demonic Dawn series.


Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy it!

Annotation 2020-04-08 231430.png

Annotation 2020-04-08 231607.png

Annotation 2020-04-08 231644.png

Annotation 2020-04-08 231851.png



Demonic Dawn - Labs.zip


Edited by Clownslay : Minor changes and bug fixes to the map.

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Hey just played it and I liked it quite a bit. Your screenshots caught my eye due to how varied and appealing the texturing all looked. Map reminds me of a 90s map but in a good way. There were demons in the base and you gave me tools to kill them with which was great. Also nice lighting variation and secrets. Again I really like how this map was kept interesting due to the attention given to the visuals with the varied contrasting texturing and sometimes lighting. Boxy architecture but still interesting and this map even had some height variation too. Good first map and good job with this I'm looking forward to seeing how your mapping evolves.

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So I've 100% finished your map.

I could make a huge post about everything bad you did and explain how you could improve, but I think you would benefit more from simply reading the map tips.

Play lots of Doom map and observe how they do things.

I'm certain you can do great maps, keep improving!

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I played it, and I really like that map! I think you give to the player too much ammo, I finished the map with 70 shotgun shells, lmao. You used teleport's texture for the doppietta (or super shotgun, but I hate its english name) and I was like "Ah dude, why that teleport doesn't work T_T". Overall it's more and more better than my first map ;)

Edited by Bidoof Slayer

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Hey @Clownslay what's up my dude! ;)


The screenshots look nice, they remind me of 90s style map design which is by no means a bad thing. I'll try to give your map a play when I can.

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Just played the map! I finished on UV with 100% stats in 24:32. Found all secrets and got all items as I reached the exit.


What I enjoyed:

  • Areas felt pretty varied, it was nice to have a good mix of outdoor and tech areas together.
  • Clever secret with the Chainsaw, where you can see it from the start but have to find the wall.
  • Good monster variation, nothing too tough too early on and every room had something different.
  • Good ambushes and traps, some I sort of predicted but there were some that really got me. Wasn't prepared for the Vile at the end.
  • There were plenty of supplies and I never found myself unable to go through the level using what I wanted.

What you can improve:

  • Be aware of how monster infighting can start, if you have monsters far away that will advance towards you, try to place them in such a way that it won't turn into a monster fight while the player is running around. It shouldn't happen too easily.
  • Wall shapes and layouts should be less rectangular. Introduce more interesting shapes and round off some (but not all) corners.
  • Add more details to texturing and with the rooms themselves. Have parts of the ceiling lowered around the edge, or give the floor a trim but don't use too much height variation with it or use none at all and just make the trim at the same height. Little details go a long way.
  • I myself ended up finding the SSG far too late because I didn't go into the teleporter right away. Not really a bad thing but it's usually better if the way to something is closer rather than further away.
  • Texture use was good but consider adding more variety along your walls so the same texture isn't repeated as much in the same area so often.
  • Make sure to apply upper unpegging above doors and windows and such so that the textures will align properly with the other walls.

I rate this map 8/10. It's better than my first ever map attempt.

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