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Stairs not working


Working in GZDB bugfix, DoomII, UDMF. 


Trying to have some switch activated stairs Build Down (action 26) but for some reason it's not working. Been messing with the other stair commands, just to check. Can't get any of them to work except Stairs Build up (Doom Mode) (action 217), which works normally like it should. Many other stair actions don't work, which is confusing. 

To be clear, i have tried everything possible to get it working - including trying just about every combination of linedef directions. The switch linedef is fine. Nothing's working. Can't figure it out. I'm sure it's been solved in this forum before but Doomworld search engine seems to be broken so posting here is my last hope. Thanks to whoever can help me with this. 

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This solution works in Vanilla too: 


  • Create dummy sectors outside of the map with the same number as the number of the steps. 
  • Join every one of them with the corresponding step. 
  • Make a sector adjacent to the dummy and make it the floor height you want the step to rise to 
  • Bind all steps to the same tag. This tag will also apply to the dummies. 
  • Use actions for floor elevation. In the regular Doom Builder these are Action 20 - Floor raise to next higher floor (changes texture), Action 18 - Floor raise to next higher floor and Action 131 - Floor raise to next higher floor (fast). This will build a staircase. 

Doublestairs.zip This is a file that was created and sent to me by @Simomarchi a few weeks ago. It works with single stairs as well and I'm using the same idea as well. And yes, he gave me the same advice first. Since this works in Vanilla, it will work everywhere. I don't map in GZDoom, so I can't offer a script decision. 


My personal advice - when creating a staircase make sure all steps face the bottom or all steps face the top. I prefer the bottom. Like this it will be easier to work with at least in the map editor. 

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