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haruko haruhara

Does anyone have obscure mappacks

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I know this might be a pointless thread but I have no ideas I am looking for some obscure mappacks that's not slaughter wads I'm not to good at those or any wads in general so I can play them on my YouTube channel I'm already playing brotherhood of the ruin so if any suggestions that would be nice thanks.

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Don't know how obscure, but here's a few I have had for years and not seen referred to much:

Armadosia (D2, huge maps)

2002 ADO (D1)

infinity/eternity/serenity (D1, ep 1, 2,3)

Dark 7/D7 MP1 (D2)


Others I would recommend (you probably know of these already):

PAR: Phobos Anomaly Reborn (D2, very complex architecture)

Breach (single map, very complex architecture)

Aeternum (3 maps, REALLY hard, but excellent - perhaps a bit slaughtery?)

Ancient Aliens

any of the Community Chest compilations


brigandine (stunning design)


also check out cacowards for others.

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Vile Flesh is not really obscure, but very underrated. I almost never see people talk about it.

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I also found compendium a while back. Some are very well known, but there are a bunch that I was not aware of - maybe for you too? Should keep you going a while anyway :-)

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Dark Resolution 2008 , a solid episode for Doom 2.

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Not Jabba has a thread about WADs that didn't make the cacowards. Not all of them are obscure, mind you (some popular awards snubs can be found there), but it still acts as a great resource for community content that's a bit off the beaten path.

Vorpal has a big list of cool mapsets that were released in 2019. You might find a few you've never heard of!

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Infected Area, first wad i ever played and a really good one.

Best backstory ever, too!


On 4/9/2020 at 10:48 AM, User Name said:

The Apocalypse Project is a personal favourite of mine. It's an old school episode 1 replacement for Doom.

This one is really great, too!

I had some strange love for old wads.

Vengeance, Invasion, and Invasion 2 all by Paul Fleschute, as silly as they might seem for today standars, were really loved back then.

Vile Flesh is my absolutly favorite megawad, love it soo much.
Old megawads, like MarsWar, the ones that i named above, were all projects were the author really wanted to tell something with their mapset.
Not just makes lavels, as much of the projects of today seems to be, they were trying to entertaing the people who will paly their wads, not only with the maps

but also with and interesting story.

Demonfear (and its midi pack) by Adam Windsor comes near to this as also tells a story and its really good and fun

Windsor surpases himself with Doom 404, that tells a really cool story and also is pretty challenging and fun to play.
Dystopia 3: Re-Birth of Anarchy is one of this kind of megawads that i also really love.

Similar message to MarsWar.

Its just hunch, but i think that this kind of mapset, or some of their authors at least, really felt that TNT: Evilution was something great and inspiring.
Or maybe they just like to tell stories :P

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On 4/9/2020 at 5:15 PM, haruko haruhara said:

so I can play them on my YouTube channel

Explore Maximum Doom and document it. More people need to know about this. 🤘

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NDCP2 had some obscure maps in it.

A good mega wad, but there was also a couple maps that were sort of broken, keeping the player from progressing.



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