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Blue Heaven Station

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Hello everyone! Just decided to hash out a simple little map idea I had. Only took around 3-4 days total to make so it's probably not the best. :l


Screenshots inside spoiler



Starting Area



Ooo! Bluuuuue.



A corridor cause why not .-.



The power of rubbing metal?



Your journey home. :)



This project was built using the vanilla (or rather, chocolate DooM's) engine so in theory every sourceport should be able to play this.

There IS 1 bug I know about in this map and that's a drawseg overflow error near the start of the map.


EDIT: Also the weapon sprites and some of their sounds I took from Realm667 so credits to them for making these. (I hope that they're fine for me to use here but I dunno :S)


Download Link:


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I've completed your map on UV in 5.20 minutes, with 98% kills, 86% items and 14% secrets. 


Starting with the visuals:

The starting area looks surprisingly good in his simplicity. The "underwater" effect of the music and all the blue gave me a feel of peace. The same thing is true for the rocket launcher area. However, the building was a bit underdetailed (mainly box-like rooms without decorations, specially on the walls). There are a lot of repeatable doors, that slow down the gameplay and after the 10th time that you have to open them are also boring (considering that there is a door at the start and at the exit of nearly all rooms and corridors).

The theme was, as I just said, interesting. It was a really calm map so I appreciate it.


Thing placement:

Nothing to say here. Maybe there were a little bit too much ammo and health (the megasphere is way too strong for this map). On the other hand, the rocket launcher was pretty useless considering that I found only the 5-10 rockets in his room, so consider the idea to remove it or to replace the plasma gun, for example, with a few more rockets.

I liked the 2 ambushes, with the chaingun one be quite overwhelming at a first look (but completely manageable considering the 100/100 status I was when I came here). The ambush in the rocket launcher room was also fun. You managed to create tension in the player using a tight place to move. Again, the RL usage is strange. Why have I to use the RL that can potentially hurt me, if I have a SSG? 


General design:

Really, the teleport in the RL room was a little bit too much hidden. I initially thought it was a secret area. However, I liked the way that you have used to tell the player that the bars were lowered, maybe a simil approach with the other switch will help your map progression. 

I found the map to be a little bit confusing about what to do and where to go (the path to the chaingun is a dead end if I remember well).


In general, this is a nice first attempt. Well done.

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Glad you enjoyed most of the map. :)


Regarding detailing, I kinda have a habit of over detailing small things rather than the big picture which is why some of my maps feel flat despite the details. :l

Also my maps are kinda famous for being easy at this point. XD

4 hours ago, Simomarchi said:

In general, this is a nice first attempt. Well done.

I just realised I think this is my 2nd ever solo map release. O_o

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