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Facets of Reality TC [Dilogy]

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Hi there. Today I saw on Moddb.com an old mod from my childhood on main page as "Top interest" (which is surprise for me).


"Facets of Reality" is the Total Conversion for Doom 3 (originally planned to be on Quake 4, but declined after some reasons) from Russian modding community, which is the remake of "Time Gate" TC for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


Both mods are divided into 2 parts - Egypt and WW2.


The story so far (for Doom 3 version):

"You're a UAC marine which crashed on spacecraft in Egyptian sands. You've found an ancient Tomb which is cursed with evil magic. And since you're entered the tomb, you've awaken mummies and other creatures which wants to kill you."


This mod is action based (RTCW version was a horror based), so prepare for a lot of shooting events.


From now there is the English Translation of this mod, which you can get here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/facets-of-reality/downloads


P.S.: RTCW, Doom 3...now it's time to think about GZDoom edition?BofMDmy.png

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I remember Time Gate as one of the best custom episodes for RtCW. This looks interesting, thanks for the info.

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Tried this and can not recommend it. Calling it a remake of RtCWs Time Gate is misleading, because it isn't really a remake and never reaches the high quality of Time Gate. It's probably somehow "inspired" by Time Gate but has really nothing to do with it.


The Egyptian themed levels are quite amateurish, blocky straight corridors with bad texturing, lighting and simplistic gameplay. One intersting thing is that they managed to rip the zombies out of RtCW and transfer them successfully to Doom 3. The zombies in the pic above work quite well and even have okay looking textures with bump maps, but the zombie warriors with axe and shield don't have any working textures at all.


The hell level is better in details and architecture, it's probably from another author. But lighting and gameplay again isn't really good (constantly spawning lost souls, boring linear progression).

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