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Breakstation - My second map

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Hello !

I present you my second map "Breakstation"


Name: Breakstation

Map Format: Doom 2 Format

Ports Tested: PRboom+, Crispy Doom, GZdoom / May not work with: Chocolate Doom


Map(s): MAP01

Gameplay: Single play only

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: No

Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder









Hope you enjoy !

Edited by Druide_Funky

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Fairly inspired "real life" design. But with sky that low outer doors disappear into the nothingness. Ceiling inside is also too low at times - in particular I can't seem to step on green armour platform, presumably because I am hitting my head.

Rock structure at the start feels like I should be able to climb it but I can't. Like I'm hitting invisible wall, weird.

You definitely make better beds than I.

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A decent map, the detail looks nice and careful, though the rock formations look unnaturally straight, they stop at a straight line, I understand that you probably did that for easier movement, but I think it would be better if they'd form a more jagged border, you'll need to add extra space so that the player doesn't have to touch walls to dodge, if you end up doing that.

The yellow key trap was underwhelming compared to the enemies that were guarding it, I expected some pillars to lower with some spectres or something, because of the big room and the plasma gun, but all there was, was just a couple of small enemies that you can easily run past.

The yellow key might as well just be the exit switch, since backtracking to the bars added nothing of value, though I understand if you just wanted the exit to be a teaser.

FDA (used with PRBoom+):


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