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Post a picture of your shelf!

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Man! You people have some cool stuff!! I have some shelves next to my PC but they aren't very organized. Only the top one is right now. The top of my closet has a bunch of old Guitar Player Magazines (mainly 80's/90's ones) if that counts haha! I do have some other music stuff (mainly cd's/box sets and other band stuff) but its not organized right now on another shelf though.


Anyways, here's the one pic of that little top shelf. It's a pretty small shelf. This is taken with my shitty phone so please don't mind the crap quality: (some older consoles wrapped up in plastic bags to keep dust off in the back; one is a Sega Dreamcast)










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Kind have everything in this shelf, mostly just eat the chocolates, everything else is pretty forgotten with no purpose to exist.


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On 4/20/2020 at 4:43 PM, Chopkinsca said:

I either have too much tea, or not enough.


I'm not a big tea guy, but I see you have some compliments tea. Have you ever tried the Mulled Apple? No wait, I checked my stash and it's President's Choice and they changed the name to Spiced Apple. Good stuff. Also, I used to like Lipton's English Breakfast, but they stopped making it I guess.

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