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WadSmoosh Pistol Start Problem

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Hello there, DoomWorld forums! 

I have a question. I recently started using this excellent 'mod' called WadSmoosh that packs every single official Classic Doom campaign in one package. However, I have ONE single problem with it: while it includes the Master Levels with the PSN order (my favorite order to be honest), it forces a Pistol Start on every new map. I used a similar unofficial tool that was recommended by the Doom wiki that packs all the maps using the PSN order, but let you keep your weapons every time you started a new map.  I removed the "ResetHealth/ResetInventory" functions that could be found inside the doom_complete.pk3 (mapinfo/masterlevels.txt), but that still doesn't prevent the pistol starts from being enforced. What am I missing?  Is there something else I need to edit? Thanks in advance!


EDIT: Close this topic, I already figured out what the problem was.

Edited by Mortimer

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