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USQC Friday Night Survival #36: NeoDoom (Part I) - Zandronum

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After the Earth invasion a couple of years ago, you still work as a soldier. Suddenly, you received a message about an small invasion occurred on some Earth

industries. You, as an experienced marine, were called to finish this invasion. But you realize that this small invasion isn't that small…


Whoa, talk about an intro!

We will be going through the 1st half of NeoDoom this week, so come hang out and help stop the invasion!!!


To keep up with The USQC join the USQC Discord



Skill: Ultra-Violence

IWAD: doom2

PWADs: NeoDoom.Wad

Maps: 1-15

Players: 25/50


Date: 04/10/2020

US session: 20.00 CDT at [USQC] Friday Night Survival

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