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Re-playing Hexen in an improved way (including Centaur fix)

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After noclipping through the chore that is hub2 I just replayed and finished Hexen using the "hex_balance.pk3" mod and it's incredible how better the game becomes with the Centaurs being faster to kill. For additional changes there's one called "hex_balancebosses.pk3"  The fighter class plays great! The cleric is superpowerful! Still have to replay as mage. If I'm not mistaken this mod also increases range of all melee.

Mod thread here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/106372-hexen-rebalanced-a-subtle-balance-mod-for-hexen-beta-5/



I never noticed when you replay the game with different classes the weapons are in different places! Great replayability!

I also never noticed Cleric's weapon2 sucks enemy health when used from up close!

It's also amazing to notice how the game gets much better from hub3 onwards, I'm sure a lot of people got scared away by the first 2 hubs. If you want to go straight into hub3 use the cheat visit13 and nra to have all weapons (in this hub you would find weapon4 anyway)


Choice of source port to keep the looks 100% accurate to the original is ZDoomLE, which allows you to load recent gameplay mods while keeping the looks of the old renderer before gzdoom took over.  
The difference in lighting alone should be worth it.  
Source Ports Comparison Screenshots Here

Before taking these screenshots I never noticed gzdoom doesn't display the ammo pickups' colors as brightmaps from distance. Why would they do that? Anyway, glad I know about all of this stuff now. Hopefully it helps others too.










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I just found out about this other "rebalancing" mod from 2012 with some cool stuff like secondary attacks. Will test it out and report back.



Another thing I didn't really notice about Hexen before is how clever of a solution it is using these "particle bridges" to implement floor-over-floor bridges. In 1995! Cool!


Next step is searching for Hexen map packs, if they even exist. Taking recommendations.

Or even finding a way to combine multiple Hexen hubs into a single megawad file.






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