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Current Project: Doom 1 - Expanded (D1E1EX)

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This is my first topic post and first public project I'm working on. I have been working on Doom maps and such for about 9-10+ years now but really haven't released many, however I'm planning on changing that.


So this project, basically its currently the first episode but will be the whole 4 episodes in the future.  The concept behind this project is that I take the starting room and use that to make a new map based sorta on what that level was like with similar landmarks but with added areas, monsters and secrets.


Basically putting a new spin on the classic levels, I dunno personally I thought it would be an interesting idea to do this and plus I have added new textures and the Doom 2 textures so there will be more visual variety.


With this post I have added a alpha file of the first map but I also plan to release a beta type version with 3 maps once they are made just to see what people think of them and stuff, then I will release the full episode once completed. 


Anyhoo here be the alpha: D1E1EX-AL.rar


Screenshots here:



Also map 2 tease ;) 




Hope you guys enjoy ^.^ 

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