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Battlemode Balancing

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Anyone else think battle-mode needs some balancing?


You can easily 4 shot kill 2000hp demons with hit-scan precision weapons in under 2 seconds with a ballista (600) + Heavy cannon snipe (400dmg) combo and have them deleted by alternating weapons. Using SSG + ballista is even faster up close. They should be nerfed down to 500 for the ballista and 300 for the heavy cannon snipe.


The archville's flame wall needs some tweaking. You can easily trap a slayer on one way closed lifts, portals, and between gaps of walls to the point he cannot move. This allows you to just delete him by using lake of fire + Radiation zone. The slayer should be given the ability to either climb over the flame wall resulting in a lot of damage or allow him to meat hook through it so he can jump high enough to escape.


*Edit this should be in the Doom Eternal section, but because of the way the website works I cannot delete or transfer this post so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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