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Battlemode Advanced Slayer Tips

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Advanced tips on what weapons and abilities to use in certain scenarios for Release day battlemode


- Note. I'm calling it advanced because it assumes you understand the basics of battlemode and slayer weapons.


Ideal starting load-outs for weapons:


Ballista: Destroyer blade

Heavy cannon(HC): Precision bolt

Rocket launcher: Remote Detonate

Chain gun: Energy Shield

Combat Shotgun: Sticky bomb

Plasma rifle: Heat blast


Personal Slayer Key Bindings *I'd strongly recommend using a mouse with at least 2 additional buttons at a side. Use whatever Key binding you find most comfortable. However do not ever use the weapon wheel on PC or the quick switch.



Mouse 1 (Left Click): Fire

Mouse 2 (Right Click): Alt Fire

Mouse 3 (Middle Click): Heavy cannon

Mouse Scroll Up: Combat Shotgun

Mouse Scroll Down: Super Shotgun

Mouse 4 (Button on the side): Chainsaw

Mouse 5 (Button on the side): Melee

Mouse 6 (Button on the side):Voice Chat



Movement: WASD

Rocket Launcher: Q

Ballista: E

Plasma Rifle: R

Dash: Shift

Flame Belch: CTRL

Grenade: ALT

Jump: Space

Chaingun: V *I use my thumb for V,B and C.


Crucible: C *Obsolete in battle-mode

Switch Grenade: 4 *Obsolete in battle-mode


* If you care about your cosmetics models not showing up correctly then change all weapon skins back to default.


- Use the Destroyer blade(DB) (900dmg) by charging it on lifts or when falling only when you are almost certain that you are going to hit both player controlled demons otherwise it's a waste of time and ammo, DB costs 50 ammo instead of 25 for a regular shot and Arbalest(Sticky bolt that does 800dmg and is the same speed as DB). The blast itself has travel time and is a projectile. Keep in mind that you only have 6 shots with the ballista. using DB will leave you with 4 shots *Excluding Sentinel Armour. You could instead deal more damage to an individual demon with the typical ballista(600dmg) + HC(400dmg) Snipe for 1000 Damage total in the same time that the blast would take to travel to hit the opponent for most mid to long ranged cases.


- Use the Energy Shield of the chain gun against Pain Elementals when they use theirs, it initially lasts about 6 seconds and theirs lasts for potentially fixed 4 seconds. Also very useful against Marauders as it can block their shotgun blasts up close when they are using their armored ability(They glow green when they are using it).


- Use Remote Detonate against the Archvile when he uses his flame wall ability. Simply aim around the wall and detonate it when it goes beyond it. Do note that the flame wall's hit-box appears bigger than its model. So aim further away from its edges, but enough to be within the rocket's blast radius. Also ideal for demons hiding behind obstacles and corners.


- Use Lock On Burst against the Revenant when he uses his rocket barrage, Only if you can switch mods fast enough or already have it already selected. He is stuck in place for a finite time which makes the rocket burst reliable for this situation.


- Using the plasma rifle is discouraged as it takes the same ammo as the ballista, which is a more useful weapon in battlemode as it is a primary damage dealer. However if you do happen to use it. The Heat-Blast ability when fully charged is very useful for stacking up attacks. (Heat-Blast + SSG + Ballista) up-close can quickly kill most demons.


- Using the Microwave Beam is also discouraged. It can penetrate through an infinite number of enemies but because of its weak range and damage it has extremely limited use in battle-mode on PC.


- The Sticky Bombs are very useful against Cacodemons as they can stagger them in one hit if placed correctly. This is useful for a health and Armour combination using flame belch if no regular demon fodder are available.


- In general mid-long ranged combat with player controlled demons always use the ballista(600dmg) + HC(400dmg) Snipe. You can easily delete demons with 2000hp in 2 seconds by alternating attacks. These are hit-scan and have no travel time. You should always start with the weapon that does the most damage, in this case the ballista.

- In short ranged combat with player demons use the SSG + ballista combo. And again alternate weapons, but start with the SSG.


- When using the flame belch on multiple demons use the grenade launcher instead of rockets since it has a bigger area of effect. It also does 0 self damage to the Slayer. I recommend not using the flame belch on a singular demon when killing it with a chainsaw or regular weapon unless you're in dire need of armour and have already used the flame meat hook. In normal circumstances use the flame meat hook instead for singular demons.


- Rely more on the SSG's meat hook to travel across the map and use it as much as possible to gain Armour on regular fodder demons. It also allows you to jump higher even if you are standing level or above any demon. Using the flame meat hook with chainsaw will give you armour(+20).


- The flame belch and SSGs flame hook both don't stack together. Do note that the servers are currently very bad. Some times the server will not register flame effects.


- When playing against good players be wary of using teleporters and closed one way lifts when they are around them. An Archvile can easily close you off with a flame wall making you stuck and unable to move. The demons can then use Noxious Hazard (AKA Radiation-zone or Poison-field) along with lake of fire. Touching the flame wall causes damage and since you're stuck for 4 seconds all that damage will stack and have you deleted in under 2 seconds.

Edited by Kridyis

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