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I'm working on a wad and I want there to be a secret exit to map 11 on map 03 I have my MAPINFO setup like this


map MAP03 "Damned Fate"
    LevelNum = 03
    skybox = SKYBOX01
    next = "MAP04"
    secretnext = "MAP11"
    sky1 = "SKYBOX01", 0
    cluster = 1
    par = 30
    sucktime = 1
    music = "D_E3M2"


But it still exits to Map 04 of DOOM 2. What am I doing wrong? 

Edited by KamkrazyIan

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If it's mapinfo, I would rename it to zmapinfo.   Otherwise try removing the quotes around Map04 and Map11.

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Make sure MAP11 exists in your WAD, in case you are using Ultimate Doom as the IWAD.


Otherwise, make sure the exit action is for secret exit and not normal exit.

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