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Multiplayer WAD recommendations

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I've been planning to play some Doom with some of my friends that aren't super familiar with Doom in general. However, I came to a realization that my knowledge of interesting multiplayer WADs are completely lacking as I never really looked into them that much before. I'm only aware of few GZDoom ones like Reelism, Hellshots Golf and Stronghold: On The Edge Of Chaos, but that's about it.


That's why I'm going to ask here; What would you recommend? I'm looking for either heavy gameplay changes (like the ones I mentioned) or just basic mappacks that works perfectly for co-op. Not really looking for deathmatch content.


EDIT: Also, wasn't entirely sure if this is the right subforum (considering there's also one for WADs) but oh well.

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I've never used GZDoom for multiplayer, but there's some interesting stuff for Zandronum like Dodgeball Doom and Stupid LMS, but despite being goofy and fun they still have a competitive element to them. They all require Skulltag Content to run.


Running just the Skulltag Content in Zandronum adds in some fun invasion maps as well, I enjoyed playing through them many times with friends, you guys might enjoy that. (their map names are d2inv1, d2inv2 and so forth)


In terms of classic, normal co-op wads, you can't go wrong with Momento Mori 2, Alien Vendetta or something newer like Ancient Aliens.

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Oh yeah, I was planning to use Zandronum, I just think of GZDoom for some reason when insanely modded wads comes to mind.


But I'll start with those, especially with normal co-op wads as I've only played a little bit of Ancient Aliens before. Thanks a lot!

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I'll keep that in mind if I change my mind about trying deathmatch stuff, thanks for letting me know!

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