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Crashes and event xp on XboxOne

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so i'm completely done with doom. Played the campagne without problems, everything was right. Now i wanted to farm event exp for the slayer skin before the seasons end. I farm hours over hours in singleplayer because i dont want to pay for online mode. Farmed 20-50 times "Hell on Earth" and it gives me 3800 exp every round. Now i doing exatly the same and i get no event exp everymore. Ok then, this fucked me really up, so i farmed "Final Sin" instead. Everything was right and i was doing 20 rounds or so and gained a lot exp. I just need 18.000 exp to finish. Now on the final boss, in the first phase, when you finished it, a portal to the second phase opens and of course i enter it. Now the game crashes. I do it again, and the result was the same. I tryed everything, even waiting 5 min. after the portal opens because maybe i was too fast. But the game still crashes. This really makes me hard mad. Maybe i can forgett my skin now.

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