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Roby Lla

Sigil to ps1

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I was thinking about Sigil and some time ago I saw a video on youtube where they ported nuts.wad to the ps1 doom port.

Maybe someone can make the same think with Sigil? Thx

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Much of the sigil maps have already been converted by the following people will be available for Beta 4


On 6/16/2018 at 10:07 PM, Erick194 said:

SIGIL Levels: sfo7f8c6hg61957zg.jpg

E5M1: Baphomet's Demesne -> @DeXiaZ bp0orkmhvnmmaetzg.jpg no7lrbtzd01r9y5zg.jpg 20. Hopeless Despair
E5M2: Sheol ->@mr-around sfo7f8c6hg61957zg.jpg
E5M3: Cages of the Damned ->@mr-around sfo7f8c6hg61957zg.jpg
E5M4: Paths of Wretchedness -@ riderr3 bp0orkmhvnmmaetzg.jpg no7lrbtzd01r9y5zg.jpg 24. Lamentation
E5M5: Abaddon's Void -> @Impboy4 sfo7f8c6hg61957zg.jpg
E5M6: Unspeakable Persecution -> @Impboy4 sfo7f8c6hg61957zg.jpg
E5M7: Nightmare Underworld-> @ riderr3 bp0orkmhvnmmaetzg.jpg no7lrbtzd01r9y5zg.jpg 11. Breath of Horror
E5M8: Halls of Perdition-> @ riderr3 bp0orkmhvnmmaetzg.jpg no7lrbtzd01r9y5zg.jpg 14. Twisted Beyond Reason
E5M9: Realm of Iblis -@ riderr3 bp0orkmhvnmmaetzg.jpg no7lrbtzd01r9y5zg.jpg 21. Steadfast Extermination

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