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How will DOOM 6 work?

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17 hours ago, whatup876 said:

Guess i never get tired of looking at DE/2016 concept art, as if these designs could still be used as "iterations" of something that could/deserves to exist as multiples.




Even some art of Immora makes it seem like someone at id looked into Tsutomu Nihei as inspiration.


Cacos would be ideal, considering the holes on their backs lol.

Just make the poop FIREBLU colored and act as some electric hazard.

Lol…. Romero still owes us an explanation for this 👀

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Was thinking of the Harbinger of Doom and in Wolf RPG, he drank from a blood pool to regain health. Imagine if some demons could self heal if touching blood and it's another reason to watch out for their movement.

Because i also wrote something about a "healer" demon and now i imagine it shooting blood at demons to heal them.

I also recall Quake having a healing "fountain" of water.

Always thought that healing liquids could even suit Urdak as if they did have Holy Water.


Wolf RPG also had other demons and paranormal entities (mostly because these ideas were already present in Wolfenstein) that could be part of Doom's Hell.

Like the Shriekers/Tormentors being these goos with skeletons inside and faces or something.

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On 1/27/2023 at 2:48 AM, bloxminer223 said:

A COOP Spin-Off that has similar gameplay to Eternal where you and your homies play as Night Sentinels.

It may be some spin-off, but I doubt it'll be the next big title

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On 4/19/2020 at 10:02 AM, thewormofautumn said:

A real attempt at mixing over the top violence and weaponry with some serious horror elements. 

And the Marine should just be a normal human this time, not a Demigod. 

Hot take, but was Doom ever a horror title?

There were some horror elements in the classics, but I never took them as horror games.

Maybe some creepy shit but a horror game has to have terrifying vibes.

That's why I don't like Doom 3 that much

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I think "Horror" in Doom is more about some things and others.

A slower marine with a lantern and dark corridors may not appeal to a lot of people but if you hyperfixate on some creative and surreal designs or assets, you can paint Doom's Hell as if a Bosch painting had sci-fi and heavy metal elements.


I know most people already talked about that artist (and using fanart as an example is weird) but when it comes to those Doom designs by DeimosRemus, the artist even used a description like "renaissance influences, Heavy Metal aesthetics, and blasphemous nods".

I think it's possible that demons with that sort of direction can exist in a gameplay formula that doesn't drag the player down.

Because Doom might as well be a weird mix of elements that people cherrypick in discussion.

In a way, D64 and even Quake 1 are like that.


Even with tone, there should be a way to add eerie creepy designs and some action or even things like secret collectable toys.


Even if D3 had a follow up (that isn't the cancelled D4 but could still be a Hell on Earth game), its gameplay could be a different kind of slow or tactical.

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