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How to set up an old school quake 1 server?

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All I wanna do (and my brother) is to setup a regular quake 1 server with weapons stay and items/powerups respawn. That is all. The command for this is /deathmatch 3. That didn't work however, when we tried Darkplaces. Weapons NEVER respawned. 


We tried nquake but it was a real hassle just to be able to play a quick deathmatch. 


I took a look at ProQuake and FteQuake as well. ProQuake  felt very choppy as if the fps is low but it wasn't. FteQuake seems to go the right way performance wise and in the multi-player menu I could choose Weapons stay, but it seemed as ammo and health never respawned. 


I'm pulling my hair here, help me!


I want weapons to stay and items to respawn! That is all!

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3 is not a valid value for deathmatch, use either 1 or 2.


I'm not sure that you can control items and weapons separately in vanilla Quake, but try /deathmatch 2 and see if that does what you want.

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IIRC deathmatch 3 was only added in QuakeWorld, so you need to use a QW-based port which runs bytecode from qwprogs.dat instead of the regular progs.dat. QW also had other changes made to reduce bandwidth use and otherwise make it play better on the slow Internet connections of the day you might not like though. (eg. no SG/SSG spread, at least not visually, you just get one huge rectangular particle cloud, also physics are slightly different, projectiles behave a bit differently, etc.).


Or you could always try to look around if there's a mod for dm3 rules in "NetQuake" (as it is often called by people who prefer it to QW, and possibly others too), or try code one yourself. :P (it will be only a couple of lines of QuakeC)

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