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Pa][etizer/DOOM 2 Vanilla

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I have been making promises. You know, the one where I say something and I don't do it. Yeah, that. Don't worry, the other wads are going to be made, just not right now. As an apology, I wanted to make something special. a VANILLA (I think) Gameplay wad. and yup, it is kinda like D4V but more focused on being more like the DOOM Comic. Fast, brutal, instant action that feels great. GAG (or Guts Against Glory) maybe my first wad, but this, this is MY (kinda, this uses assets from Doom 4 Vanilla)PURE gameplay wad. One where I haven't stolen any ones code. I am introducing you... To Pa][etizer. Or DOOM 2 Vanilla, either way works.


So what is this D2V you may be asking? Well, when you hear that DOOM 64 Punching is here, than you know EXACTLY what this wad does. I kinda brings some stuff from D4V and stuff that is new, like a new Baron and a kinda DOOM Eternal Archvile. Here is a little video that shows the wads weapons and enemies.



As you saw, this is a beta. A little test to see what I can do on DehackEd. And that is true. There will be more added, like edited clusters (Text Screens) and some more pickup item lines. Also, at the end of the video, I was trying to spawn a Chaingunner but couldn't because I was dumb. The reason was because he was also special. Instead of shooting bullets and you, he has a mother-f*cking flamethrower. And also the BFG pickup text also changed. It is now "You have a BIG Fucking Gun!".


DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sj9tg8vq3dsgkvv/Pallete_0.1.zip/file



Music and graphics are ripped straight from D4V. Thank Noiser for them, not me.

DEH is made by me, purely me.

Thanks to ID Software for making DOOM and DOOM 2.

Read the README for recommended wads.



Rip & Tear... Until it is DONE.

Edited by YeOldeFellerNoob

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